Case Study


The Challenge

Create a social network that allows people to send and receive movie and TV show recommendations.

We teamed up with the other founders of GuaranTV to start this company from scratch. Our concept was to develop a social app where users can easily send and receive “Guarantees” for movies or shows from any streaming service.




Product creation and launch


Brand Strategy, Design & Development and Marketing


Shortly after we finalized the brand strategy and logo design, we rolled out the mobile app and website, along with our social media and email marketing plans.

The Result

GuaranTV quickly gained more than 1,000 users right after it started, thanks to good marketing and an easy-to-use app. The interesting content and social media efforts brought in a strong community of 15,000 followers. Now, GuaranTV is known as a top choice for personalized TV and movie suggestions.

Monograhm did a great job in helping build the GuaranTV brand. They used smart ideas to make GuaranTV stand out and attract a lot of users. Thanks to Monograhm, GuaranTV is now a popular place for finding TV shows and movies that fit what you like.
Andrew W.
Founder - CIO


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